Casual Diners is a food blog based in Singapore run by Debashis Talukdar.

I’m an Australian expat of Indian, British and American origins who has lived here in Singapore since 2016 and loves food. I regularly get together with a group of friends who are professionals of varying ages who enjoy going out for dinner in the many, many restaurants that Singapore has to offer.

I started going out to restaurants here in Singapore as part of Meet-Ups when I moved here, to get to make new friends. People are the same no matter where you go; everyone bonds over food!

I maintain this blog as a resource for our friends and families to recommend places to eat and spend a few hours with people who we care about.

Ethics Statement

  • Taste is subjective, and what I may like may not appeal to another party and vice-versa. If I go to a place that didn’t appeal to me, it will not make it onto the site.
  • My reviews and opinions are strictly my own, and may vary from the next person.
  • This site does serve ads which helps pay for the hosting to keep it running.
  • This site does have referral links. When you use them to purchase or make a reservation, I make a small commission. This will not increase the price that you pay for the service.
  • While I make efforts to keep the content current, the food and business industry is a tough one that went through a hard time during Covid-19. Sadly, some restaurants that I loved have had to close their doors. Before planning a visit, I recommend checking that the restaurant of which you have read the review of is still in business.
  • While I do accept invitations, to keep reviews objective, we pay for own meals, and do not feature paid promotions.

Other stuff

  • All content, unless otherwise stated, has been originally created.
  • Images have been shot on mobile devices – mostly on an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro Max.