Ballad of Anna May

Ballad of Anna May is a coffee shop that sits alongside Hounds of the Baskerville Barbershop. We had already made plans to eat lunch elsewhere on the day that we walked past this cafe. What intrigued us was the fact that it shared space with a barbershop. After lunch, as we walked back, we felt like a cup of coffee and stepped in here. We discovered that this is actually two businesses – a cafe, and a barbershop in the back.

Ambience, Service and the Staff

The café is decorated in earthy green colours. We just walked in and the warm and friendly staff took our orders. There is limited seating in the café with a couple of tables outside, and some bench seating in the front.

Beyond the cafe, there lies the barbershop which is the main drawcard. The barbershop has several leather upholstered chairs in front of large mirrors that will offer any gentleman an amazing experience. There is also a waiting area with a couple of large leather couches underneath a motorcycle mounted on the wall, flanked by two guitars placed directly underneath the skylight.

The Food

The menu is printed on the wall. There is a small selection of food consisting of pastries, granola, and a few different kinds of toasties. The café serves Melbourne style coffee. We ordered an iced cappuccino without knock, and an iced mocha with a regular milk.

During our visit, they weren’t particularly busy. Our coffee came out in about five minutes served in tall disposable glasses with straws. The coffee was decent. The staff served us at our table outside.

The Price Point

Our two coffees set ius back $17.50. It’s a little bit more than what we normally spend on coffees, but to be fair, they were large servings.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ballad of Anna May is a café with a twist and is a place that I recommend you visit, just for the novelty. It’s a great place for guys to go and meet up with their friends, get some coffee and a light breakfast, and just chat while being groomed. It’s also a great idea for guys from their significant others. If you’re in the area, step in and check them out. It’s a cool concept.

Address: 42 Craig Road, Singapore 089680.
Phone: +65 6970 1386.

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