Bearded Bella

Bearded Bella is a Melbourne-style café that is on Craig Road in Tanjong Pagar. It is one of three, restored shop houses in the area. It serves some really good food in a groovy interior.

Ambience, Service and the Staff

Bearded Bella has the fresh and contemporary feel of a converted shop house. It has a shaded alfresco area which is perfect for enjoying breakfast or brunch with friends during the cooler months in Singapore.

The interior is minimalist chic with whitewashed walls, exposed ceilings, and a translucent ceiling that lets in natural light towards the rear.

I have walked in here and been seated indoors very quickly, and have also made reservations over Chope, and by calling ahead.

The staff are very warm, friendly and accommodating.

I have visited with some friends with a young child. The service staff went the extra mile to ensure that the youngster had his share of crayons to keep himself busy, and were very patient when he was having one of his less graceful moments.

The Food

This is a Melbourne-style neighbourhood eatery. The food is simple, fresh, and unpretentious. The coffee is true to the high quality that one gets used to in Melbourne. They offer lactose-substitutes with a selection of soy and oat milk available.

I have visited this restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have never been disappointed.

Their food is well made, and beautifully presented, and comes out fairly quickly (under 20 minutes) from the order being placed.

The Price Point

They’re very reasonably priced for an establishment of this quality in this part of town. For a party of two, breakfast or lunch including coffee is typically around the $50 mark.

Dinner for 2 with drinks will set one back around $80.

On both counts, these are very fair prices from an establishment that offers one a lovely experience.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’ve been back to Bearded Bella several times, and at different times of the day. This has become one of my go-to cafés in Singapore. It’s one of those nicer places that won’t break the bank. It has really nice food, and lovely ambience. It is quiet enough to where you can hear each other speak without straining to hear one another, or raising your voices.

This is sort of place that is perfect for meeting a group of friends, celebrating among adults, meeting up with a client for coffee, or a first date (or a date that is further down the line).

Bearded Bella has always offered me a great culinary experience, and is a place that I would recommend any day of the week.

Address: 8 Craig Rd, Singapore 089668.
Phone: +65 9880 0775.