Comida Mexicana

Comida Mexicana is a popular Mexican Restaurant on East Coast Road that I have often wandered past. I chose it as a weekend destination to catch up with some old and new friends.

Ambience, Service and the Staff

The vibrant interior colours of Comida Mexicana are what attracted me to this restaurant. It resonates the spirit of a Mexican Fiesta. The interior is brightly coloured with artwork and a palette that will elevate your mood. We were a party of 5 and made reservations via Chope.

We were their first customers on a Saturday morning and the restaurant would eventually fill up to capacity by the time we were done. We were seated at perhaps the coolest table in the restaurant under a neon sign that proudly spruiked Tequila as their soup of the day! The staff also made sure that our glasses were kept full and we were well hydrated. Menus were provided at the table.

The Food

Food at Cominda Mexicana is best ordered to share. We ordered two sets of Quesadillas (Spinach and Cheese, and Chicken), the Fish Tacos, a chicken chimichanga, and the Chicken Enchilada. We also all got coffee or tea.

They started serving food quickly. Our coffees and tea came out first. Food was not far behind with the quesadillas leading which were very comforting. They were served with an accompaniment of salsas. The fish tacos followed. They were a set of three presented very well and ample in size. The enchilada came out next, generous in size and accompanied by some rice and beans. Finally, the chimichanga came out which was cooked to perfection.

We were sharing, and as a group of 5 with moderate appetites on the day, we left feeling satisfied, which is a reflection of the decent portion sizes which tasted amazing!

The Price Point

For 5 people, including beverages, we paid just over $175 which is great value.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Comida Mexicana is an awesome neighbourhood restaurant. They offer a fantastic environment, great food and great service. We would definitely come back here. The venue has a dining limit of 90 minutes, and we were politely ushered on our way when we’d exceeded our time and there were customers waiting (This is fair, particularly in a Covid impacted world, and we totally respected this). This is a great place to catch up with friends, a first date, or casual family meals in the East. I’d definitely go back here again.

Address: 404 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428998.
Phone: +65 6440 8030

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