Dallas Restaurant and Bar (Boat Quay)

There’s no lack of great places to eat along Boat Quay. Dallas Restaurant and Bar has some awesome seating both indoors, and on the riverfront.

The Ambience, Service and Staff

Dallas Restaurant and Bar has an amazing outdoor area that sits above the river, an open indoor area, and an indoor area that is air conditioned. We’d gone there for lunch on a pleasant afternoon. We’d made a reservation through Chope. Their friendly and professional staff had us seated straight away, and provided us with menus for the set meals and their ala-carté selection. Their interior has high seats and tables around a bar, with bottles of alcohol on the shelves behind. The air-conditioned upper floor is only opened in the evening. The staff here were great, regularly checking in on us, and were flexible to accommodate some changes to the set meal that we ordered.

The Food

We were a party of two during our visit. We ordered the Satay Chicken Skewers as our starter, and the BBQ Chicken Parmigiana and the Dallas Burger as our mains, and finished off with their Housemade Apple Pie. We also ordered a Coke Light and a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic for our drinks.

The drinks came out straight away, and the chicken skewers followed a minute later. The skewers are large and well cooked, presented well, and accompanied by a well made satay sauce. The chicken parmigiana followed which was ample in size and served with a salad and fries. The burger took a little longer (I always order my burger well done) and was worth the wait. It was ample in size, tasted great and served with a basket of freshly cooked chips and some coleslaw.

The apple pie was the high point. We ordered it to share between the two of us, and felt it was perhaps one of the better pies that we have eaten. The crust was flaky on the top, and dense at the bottom, the filling was a perfect texture without being too sweet, and the ice cream was smooth.

The Price Point

Our meal set us back just under $80. Considering that we ordered alcohol, this is great value for the location, the ambience, and the food. We ordered the satay skewers, the burger and the apple pie as a 3-course set.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dallas Restaurant and Bar serve a mean apple pie. They have great service, ambience and location to go with their food. This is a great place to get a bite while in the area or to meet up with friends and colleagues after work or on the weekend. I would go back just for the apple pie!

Address: 31 Boat Quay, Singapore 049820.
Phone: ++65 6532 2131.
Website: http://www.dallas.sg/boat-quay

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