Machan’s Kitchen

I had a recent craving for Dosa and found my way to Race Course Road in Little India. While wandering down the street and looking at the menus of the various restaurants there, I came across Machan’s Kitchen.

The Ambience, Service and Staff

Machan’s Kitchen is housed in a shop house on Race Course Road, a stone’s throw from the Little India MRT. It is in a row of several very well-known and established Indian restaurants in the area.

I was on my own on the evening and walked in. I was quickly seated. The menus are electronic, accessed via a QR code. The restaurant was at about 60% capacity when I walked in.

Machan’s Kitchen is brightly lit and has a predominantly black and white theme. The walls are graced with graphic murals celebrating pop-culture from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and beyond – that lend it a playful, quirky atmosphere.

The Food

I was quite hungry and was in the mood for a dosa. I started with the staple Masala Dosa. The staff took my order at the table. The dosa took about 10 minutes before being served.

Different restaurants have their own spin on dosas. Machaan’s Kitchen serves their Masala Dosa (Masala Thosai) with a thick, dense shell around a potato filling. The dosa is served with some sambhar dal, tomato chutney, and coconut chutney (which was absolutely divine). It’s a decent portion size. I was hungry that evening, and decided to order my second dosa.

I went with the Podi Thosai which took a further 10 minutes from order to service. This dosa has no filling, and is made of a crust that is drizzled with a spicy powder. Also served with the three chutneys, it’s not as heavy as the Masala Dosa, and is very pleasing to the taste buds. It’s that little extra something that you need when you’ve eaten, but need a little bit more.

The Price Point

For two dosas and a bottle of water, I spent just under $16 on the evening. This is great value. The standard dosas are priced at under $6 each.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Machan’s Kitchen offers more than dosas It has a wide selection of both vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes on the menu. I’ll be back to savour more. This is a clean, low key restaurant that serves excellent food at a decent price point. It’s the sort of place that is perfect to hang out with friends, go on a cheap date, have a family meal, or try something a bit different with work colleagues after a long week at the office.

Address: 74 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218574.
Phone: +65 6291 2526

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