Ordinary Burgers

Ordinary Burgers is a no-frills burger joint that is now Halal Certified in Singapore.

Ambience, Service and the Staff

I visited their outlet at City Square Mall. They have a brightly lit shop set up in the basement as you enter the shopping centre from the train station.

Being a no-frills burger joint, you order at the counter from the menu on the board above the cashier.

They have a dining area fenced off in the basement. The area has high tables, and high bar stools, perfect to grab a bite on the go.

The Food

I’d ordered a single beef burger with a side of onion rings and a Coke Zero. Being there at 11:30am, I’d beaten the rush and was first in line. Food was ready in about 10 minutes, and presented well, with condiments and sauces.

Their burger was reasonably sized, well cooked, and laced with fresh salads. The onion rings were hot and crispy.

The Price Point

My meal set me back $9.20. This is a cheap eat, and good value for a bite on the run. One really can’t complain for the price that one pays here.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ordinary Burgers serves freshly made burgers at a really competitive price. You know exactly what you’re getting. If you’re looking to grab a bite on the run, consider stopping here.

Address: 180 Kitchener Rd., #B1-K10/K11/K13, Singapore 208539.

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