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Here’s a step-by-step guide to organizing a meal with friends over a WhatsApp group.

  1. Choose a place and decide on the number of people you want to invite.
  2. Make a reservation. I use Chope and Quandoo (use the referral code DEBASHIS5259JNW for 500 bonus points on your first reservation when signing up via iOS or Android) to make a lot of bookings. They do provide you with points that you can redeem for vouchers. Alternatively, you can call the restaurant directly.
  3. Announce the event on your WhatsApp group. Consider using the following format (copy and paste it, and make the necessary changes):

**Brunch/Lunch/Dinner at <Restaurant Name>** on <event date and time in format: Monday January 1st 2023 at 7:00pm>.
**Address:** Enter Address Here
**Dress Code:** Casual/Smart Casual/Formal
**Website:** <restaurant website link>
Who want’s to come?
1. @<Your Name Here>

n. <n being the number of people you plan to host>

Respond by <Respond by date and time>.
Be explicit if you need people to be able to send/receive electronic payments to settle the bill (very few people do not do this today).

  1. As people respond, they should reply to the message and drop in their names. As they do this, reply to their messages, and over-write their names with an @-mention.
  2. Once the event is full (or the respond by date has been exceeded), create a new Chat Group with the people who are going to coordinate the event.
  3. Once you’re at the event, have a fun time there. Remember to take photos of both the food, and yourselves!
  4. If you’re splitting the bill after one person pays, I recommend using the iOS app called “Plates” to help do the math (this works for up to 10 people).
  5. Settle up among one another.
  6. Share pictures on the main group and tell us about your experience.
  7. Do it all over again!