South Union Park

South Union Park is a neighbourhood café that is tucked away in a strip mall in the eastern suburbs of Singapore. It is easily accessible on public transport via the East-West Line. The closest MRT is Kembangan. The café is a short walk up the road from here.

The Ambience, Service and the Staff

South Union Park has a contemporary minimalist look with whitewashed walls, lot of wood, vaccuum tube style bulbs, exposed ceilings and lots of natural light. Their walls are graced by a series of photographs that are consistent with the images that they have on their menu.

They have gone to great lengths to make the establishment feel chic, modern and welcoming.

We walked in without reservations, though you can make reservations via Chope.

We were served by a trainee who was clearly new on the job. However, the more experienced staff were on the ball with our orders. As the café got busier, we had to remind them of our request for water, and our coffee which didn’t come out the first time. Nonetheless, they were both friendly, and helpful.

The Food

The food here is amazing. We ordered the big breakfast, the baked eggs and a latte.

The portions are very generous. The big breakfast came with 2 very sizeable sausages, and generous portions of mushrooms and scrambled eggs to accompany a very large croissant.

The yolks of the baked eggs had the consistency of a great onsen egg, and were complemented with spicy chorizo, tomato base and topped with a layer of oozy melted cheese. This is served with crispy and fragrant garlic bread that was perfect to mop up the gravy at the end of the meal.

The Price Point

Two mains and a cup of coffee set us back just over $50, which is a standard price point for cafés of this calibre in the part of town.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

South Union Park’s food is it’s main drawcard. They definitely serve a very high quality and tasty meal. The ambience would be highly improved with the installation of some sound absorbing material. When we’d visited, the café had gotten to three-quarter capacity, and was too loud to hold a comfortable conversation. Using the Audiotools app on my iPhone, I measured noise levels to be around 80dB! In comparison, the ambient noise levels outdoors were 45dB. Overall, great tasting food and coffee at a place that would be far more inviting if it weren’t so noisy.

Address: 101 Jln Kembangan, Singapore 419139.
Phone: +65 9061 8703.