Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay is one of the many signature restaurants in Marina Bay Sands.

The Ambience, Service and Staff

I have dined at Bread Street Kitchen previously. On one particular morning, I was dining solo. It was about 10 a.m.

I didn’t have a reservation and walked in. I have previously made my reservations over the phone. Alternatively one can make reservations via their website.

Bread Street Kitchen is a thoroughly professionally run establishment. On the morning, the restaurant was probably at about 20% capacity as Singapore continued to emerge from Covid-19 dining restrictions. The friendly staff quickly led me to a table of my choice. Once seated, I was served with some cold water and directed to the QR code for their online menu.

A couple of weeks later, I organised by Catherine among five friends to celebrate the birthdays of two of our party. I’ve made my reservation for dinner over the phone.

The Food

During my visit to have breakfast, I placed an order for a mocha, and some savoury pancakes with a sausage on the side. I made my selections from the online menu, and give my order to one of the wait staff came to check in on me.

Coffee came out within five minutes. They have one size for coffee which was a little small for me, and I ended up ordering a second coffee later on. The pancakes came out shortly after accompanied by the sausage. The portions are decent sized without being overwhelming. The pork sausage was especially well done, remaining juicy while being well cooked.The pancakes were amazing. They were fluffy and light, topped with a salsa mixture of avocado and ricotta cheese, and served on the side with a mint chutney sauce.

During our visit for dinner, we ordered the Impossible Beef Wellington, three orders of the cottage pie, and the fish and chips. We followed this up with some dessert – the tiramisu, a pineapple panna cotta, and the diplomatico reserva rum cheesecake. This was accompanied by a glass of Shiraz, and a Pilsener Urquell beer.

Drinks came out immediately. It took a bit longer to bring the food out at dinner time. The Impossible Beef Wellington arrived first, about 20 minutes after we have placed our order. The fish and chips was next, and finally the three servings of the cottage pie followed. The beef Wellington was beautifully presented, elegantly cut up, wrapped in a flaky crust. The fish and chips was a very generous serving, served with some mushy peas on the side which was a lovely touch. The cottage pie was served freshly baked out of the oven in hot pie dishes, covered in crumbly crust with a wholesome minced meat and potato filling.

After dinner, the staff cleared the table, and took our order for dessert. They were also aware of the two individuals whose birthdays we were celebrating on the day. It took them about 20 minutes to bring out the dessert, and it was mostly worth the wait. They served the desserts with candles and a personal message inscribed on the plates, and accompanied it with cards signed by the entire restaurant staff!

The Price Point

The food here is priced competitively.

During my breakfast visit, the pancakes were $19 at the side of sausage was $5. The coffee was a little bit expensive, at $8 a cup. The total bill came to around $47 including taxes.

Even at dinner, we found that the main course was quite competitively priced. The beverages and the desserts were on the pricey side. We spent just under $370 among five individuals.

I have previously eaten brunch over here we are in meal for two set us back around $80. All in all, I would say that food is competitively priced. Beverages are a little bit pricey.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Bread Street Kitchen remains one of my preferred cafés here in Singapore. I don’t go here very often and generally reserve it for special locations. I have always been looked after here and enjoyed the experience here. This is the sort of place where you come to celebrate special locations with family, and catch up with friends as a treat on a weekend over brunch.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, L1 – 81, Singapore 018956
Phone: +65 6688 5665.

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