Kampong Glam is full of great Middle Eastern Restaurants. Cappadocia is off the main stretch of Muscat Street and offers a great experience

The Ambience, Service and Staff

Cappadocia is housed in a blue shophouse and is tastefully decorated in an understated middle-eastern tapestry, which is a paradox in itself. While reservations can be made through Chope, I walked in and was welcomed and seated immediately by the friendly staff. The restaurant has an air conditioned interior, a non-air-conditioned section, and an alfresco area. I was dining alone that evening and was directed to a table just for me. They have menus online. I was having trouble with data connectivity indoors and asked for a printed menu.

The Food

I ordered the Cappadocia Hummus as a starter, and the Adana Lamb Kabab for my main along with a mint lemonade for my drink.

I was there on a Tuesday night, and the restaurant only had about 3 tables operating. Service was really fast. My drink and food came out at the same time, within 5 minutes, which was really impressive. I’ll start with the drink. The mint lemonade was really refreshing and something that really helped pick me up after a long and tiring day. The portion of hummus was very generous and served with four quarters of Turkish bread. The hummus had a smooth texture and the bread was hot and fresh.

The mains of the Lamb Adana Kabab was very generous. Served with cabbage, rice, a grilled tomato, and a mild and a spicy tomato paste, the meat was grilled to tenderness and was juicy while being fully cooked. The meal was more than enough for a hungry adult.

The Price Point

I was dining on my own and ordered more than I needed. I spent just over $60 for this meal, and while it may sound expensive, consider the fact that you’ll normally share your starter – the hummus – which was $16.90, and that the drink was $9.90. The main was a tad over $27 which given its size and quality makes it very fairly priced.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I really liked Cappadocia. It was quieter than some of the restaurants on Muscat street, served very good quality food, had good service, and had a lovely ambience. I’ll be coming back here again, and would definitely recommend it.

Address: 69 Bussorah St, Singapore 199482.
Phone: +65 6296 8577.

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