Fifth Season Tangra

In the 1950s, a group of indigenous Chinese people made their way to Kolkata and set up a community in a suburb called Tangra. They brought their cuisine with them, which they adapted to local ingredients and taste that resulted in a unique flavour that is known as Indian Chinese.

The Ambience, Service and the Staff

Fifth Season Tangra is in the ground floor of a shophouse on Racecourse Road in Little India, less than 200m from the Little India train station exit. The decor is reminiscent of similar establishments in India that serve Indian Chinese food, with artwork paying homage to the Kolkata suburb.

The bright, warm colours and earthy tones take one back to Kolkata.

I had made a reservation over the phone. The staff had our party of 5 seated very quickly at a large table.

They’re warm, friendly and very helpful.

The Food

This restaurant replicates the authentic taste of Indian Chinese food from Tangra and is true to its name in every sense of the word.

We’d ordered Hakka Noodles, Chilli Chicken, American Chopsuey, Garlic Chicken, Garlic Fried Rice, and Kasundi Chicken (chicken cooked in mustard, which is more of a Bengali concoction). For dessert, we’d ordered caramel pudding to go around.

The very taste of this food takes me back to Kolkata from where this very cuisine originated.

Some of our group also ordered a few alcoholic beverages and cocktails to go with our meal.

The Price Point

We ordered a lot of food and topped it off the dessert and drinks. That amounted to just under $300 or about $60 per person for our part of 5. Alcohol does add up here very quickly. The food itself is very reasonably priced.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you’ve never tried Indian Chinese before, this is definitely the place to come to get the authentic experience. If you have eaten Indian Chinese before, this is the place to come to relive your culinary memories. This is definitely some of the best Indian Chinese that one can find on the equator!

28 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218550.
Phone: +65 6293 4842.