Five amazing Ramen restaurants at Suntec

Comfort food from the Land of the Rising Sun

Ramen is one of those comfort meals that will cheer up almost anyone after a long hard day of work. I find myself looking for Ramen at least once every few weeks, and with the amount of time that I have spent around Suntec city, I’ve identified 5 places where I go to get my ramen noodle fix. Here is my selection in order of preference.

5. Ichikikodu Hokkaido Ramen

This is perhaps the most beautifully decorated Ramen Bar that is at Suntec City. They’re Halal Certified and serve their ramen with chicken broth, which gives it a distinct taste. Great atmosphere and service./

4. Aburi-En

They’re in the basement food court of Suntec under Tower 5, and are better known for their Donburi. However, they still do a decent job on Ramen, and have excellent service.

3. Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

They’re on Level 3 of the atrium between towers 1 and 2 and part of Japan Food Street. They’re very competitively priced and offer a no-frills experience that is great for a casual get together among friends.

2. Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo

On the upper level at Tower 5, right next door to a Starbucks, this Ramen bar offers awesome ambience, and refills on hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts. This is a great location for a casual meet up with friends and work colleagues at the end of the day. They have great services and their ramen tastes great.

1. Ramen Nagi

Permanently Closed

This establishment is no longer in operation.

Located outside the entrance of Towers 1 and 2, there is usually a line outside this noodle bar at feeding time… and that is a reflection of the quality of their ramen. I love their noodles here. It’s a low key noodle joint where it’s great to gather and enjoy a comforting bowl of ramen noodles at the end of a long hard week.