Little Rogue Coffee

As a cyclist, I need to be aware of cafés on my route so that I can stop to refuel, or occasionally just to hang out with my cycling buddies. Little Rogue Coffee (LRC) is one of those places that was made with cyclists in mind.

Ambience, Service and the Staff

I happened to chance upon LRC while walking by in the neighbourhood. My wife and I were looking for a new place for breakfast one weekend, and we walked in. LRC, like lots of cafés, is open on the weekends, but take Tuesday off. Our party of 2 was quickly seated. The café was about 75% full. As we walked into the main indoor seating area, we passed several expensive bicycles that had a dedicated area to be parked while their riders ate at a large communal table in the entry way. I’ve never made reservations here and have always walked in. LRC does cater to corporate events – I have walked past speed-dating events that have been held here in the weeks since my first visit.

LRC has a modern minimalist interior with standard café furniture that is functional, lots of concrete surfaces and an exposed ceiling. The interior is well lit to give a sense of sanctuary after a ride or and early morning walk.

Menus are printed and were provided up front with water by the friendly staff.

The Food

LRC makes no bones about being a breakfast, brunch and lunch place. Hence, their items on offer smaller portions priced accordingly. On the day, I got myself the K-Pop Chicken Burger, while my wife got herself the miso-roasted cauliflower steak. We also got ourselves a latte and an iced oat cappucino to complete our breakfast.

They were really quick with their coffee orders, both coming out in under 5 minutes. I’ll give their coffee a thumbs up – well brewed without being bitter or sour, with a smooth texture. Food followed about 10 minutes later as the café got progressively busier.

Portions are reasonable and will satisfy an adult without overwhelming them. The K-Pop Chicken burger was mildly spicy with a bit of zing between a perfectly toasted bun. The cauliflower steak was really good, with the miso offering an exotic twist.

The Price Point

We spent just over $50 for 2 people for brunch which is about the going rate for brunch at a café in these parts.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4 out of 5.

LRC is a cool café that is perfect for cyclists and passersby in the neighbourhood. It’s the sort of place that you would stop by either during or after your workout, and to socialize with your friends and loved ones. I’ve been back a few times before and is a café that I recommend particularly to my friends who ride.

As I mentioned earlier, LRC is also available for corporate events and is a destination that your employer might like to consider if they have a team-builder or social to host.

Address: 336 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437109
Phone: +65 8899 1143

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