Nagara Thai Gold

Sometimes, the Universe has a way of taking you to a new place. This is what happened when we found our way to Nagara Thai Gold at City Square Mall. Our first choice for the evening – Din Tai Fung – was undergoing maintenance. Our second choice – Aston’s – had a really long line outside. Nagara Thai Gold, it was going to be…

The Ambience, Service and Staff

The restaurant was quite new when we visited. It was almost empty, and we were seated immediately by the friendly staff and provided us with menus. (At the time of writing this post, they still don’t have a website up and running and only have their vegan menu on their Facebook page).

The restaurant is decorated simply, but tastefully, and has some fun, quirky artwork on the walls.

The Food

We went straight with the mains, ordering an Olive Fried Rice with minced Chicken, the Prawn Cakes, Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, and the Kai Lan with Mushrooms.

The service is quick. The food started arriving within five minutes.

We were really impressed with the prawn cakes. They were large, and they tasted absolutely amazing.

The Olive Fried Rice was decent without being spectacular. The portion was generous, and we were given extra chilies and onions on request.

The kai lan with mushrooms was a generous portion, well prepared and well presented.

The chicken with cashew nuts was a decent size portion. We found the chicken to be a bit tough and overcooked.

The Price Point

Our meal for two came up to around $45. this is excellent value. To their credit, the restaurant staff took on board our feedback about the chicken being a bit tough, and conveyed that to the kitchen staff immediately.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Nagara Thai Gold is an inexpensive and clean restaurant at City Square Mall that offers good quality Thai food for a reasonable price in the comfort of a clean and well maintained dining space. It’s great to grab a bite on the go, or to meet friends for an inexpensive but wholesome Thai meal.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-23/24, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539.
Phone: +65 6257 0288

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  • I had dinner at Nagara Thai on November 6. It was my third visit there; the food is always good. My favorites are the tamarind prawns and prawn cakes. The service is great, too; in a country where restaurant service is often substandard, this place genuinely takes care of its customers. Special word of gratitude to our waitress, named Phony – she was friendly, kind and very attentive.

    I will come back there again soon!


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