Pura Brasa

Pura Brasa is a Spanish restaurant that I had walked past several times in the past and had planned to eat at. We finally got around to it this past weekend.

Ambience, Service and the Staff

The restaurant is at the bottom of Guoco Tower in Tanjong Pagar centre just round the corner from the exit of the train station.

The interior of the restaurant is a combination of industrial with exposed ceilings, and warm with earth tones. There were a lot of teddy bears seated around the tables. The restaurant also offers al-fresco dining.

We made reservations via Quandoo (use the referral code DEBASHIS5259JNW for 500 bonus points on your first reservation when signing up via iOS or Android). We were greeted by the friendly staff who lead us to our table and provided us with menus and served us with water.

The Food

We ordered a couple of mains and a couple of desserts. Our mains consisted of the grilled Iberico Pork Secreto and the grilled black codfish.

Our order came out in about 10 minutes. Both items were beautifully presented. The codfish came topped with mushrooms and confit onions lending a sweetness to the oily codfish flesh. The portion was ample. There were bones in the fish which one needs to take care of while eating. The Iberico Pork Secreto was served on a platter with romesco sauce and diced grilled vegetables. The meat was tender and almost melted in my mouth. The portion is a little on the small side, which left me with enough room for dessert.

For dessert, we got the pistachio ice cream, and the crema catalana tart. The staff had recommended the salted vanilla ice cream and brought out a complimentary sample.

We found the pistachio ice cream to have a bit of a grainy texture, but the salted vanilla was smooth and a flavour that grew on you with each mouthful. The crema catalana tart was amazing! The crust was perfect and complemented by a creme that had gentle mint undertones and the strawberry.

The Price Point

This meal for 2 came in at just over SGD100. This is a little pricey for this location but in line with the quality of food.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We loved our dinner at Pura Brasa. We were well looked after by the staff who were enthusiastic and very attentive. Booking here is essential, particularly at the end of the week and weekends. They’re a great place for meeting colleagues after work for dinner, or celebrating something special with close friends and family.

5 Wallich St, #01-16, Singapore 078883.
Phone: +65 6386 9678.
Website: https://www.purabrasa.com/singapore/

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