Senor Taco

Senor Taco offers some casual Mexican fare over drinks in the evening.

The Ambience, Service and Staff

I’ve walked past Senor Taco several times before but had never eaten here. We decided to go here one evening when we were looking for something low key. Singapore had just lifted restrictions on dining out due to Covid-19. We were restricted to parties of two. We made a reservation through Chope. The staff greeted us on our arrival and ushered us to our table as we arrived. Menus were available via a QR code.

There is no indoor seating. All seating is at bar tables and stools in the alleyway, and you’ll have plenty of passers-by walk past your table as you eat. The area is covered by a large, permanent roof that provides a covered, open-air area. There are air vents that blow cold area, and if you choose your table well, you’ll be kept cool while being outdoors.

The staff were attentive and courteous helpful.

Clarke Quay was still recovering from the effects of Covid-19, and attendance was sparse. In addition, new regulations do not permit playing music at Food and Beverage establishments which lent to a low key, and peaceful atmosphere on the day. On a normal night (and particularly on weekends), this area gets busy and loud with the sheer number of nightclubs and bars that attract patrons.

The Food

We ordered the chips and salsa for a starter, the green chilli and pork chicharon, a couple of the fish baja style taco, and the al-pastor with chicken. We also ordered a Margarita and some still water (they only serve bottled water).

Drinks came out within 5 minutes, followed by the starter. The chips and salsa are served with the chips in a tall cone. They’re freshly fried, hot and crispy and are a great way to start the meal. The margarita was generous in size but felt diluted and more like a slushie.

The tacos followed shortly after, with three bottles of sauces – mild, medium, and spicy – which are an accurate description. The spicy has significant kick and will appeal to people with a strong palate. For most part, the medium offers an enjoyable afterburn without being overwhelming.

The tacos are average size. The Fish Tacos were ok – the fish could have been a bit crispier. The pork chicharon was topped with crispy pork skin, and is an acquired taste. The al-pastor was well done.

The Price Point

We used Chope vouchers. Without the Chope vouchers, this meal for two came up to just above $80. We felt that it was a little pricey, particularly given the amount of food and the quality of the fare served.

The Final Verdict

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Senor Taco is perhaps best suited for drinks after work while casually catching up with colleagues and friends. It offers an atmosphere that will definitely take your mind off work and will allow you some time outdoors while remaining sheltered from bad weather.

Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-07 Clarke Quay, Block A, 179020.
Phone: +65 6337 6376

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